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Our hiking trail network

A well-signposted network of trails connects the Sehmatal with well-known destinations such as Oberwiesenthal and Annaberg. The Kammweg, a quality hiking trail, leads from the Eastern Ore Mountains into Vogtland. Circular trails around our districts invite you to discover the community with its meadows and forests. Along the Fichtelbergbahn you can hike with the family on the Bimmelbahn adventure trail (not suitable for carriages). The sporty take the route towards Oberwiesenthal. You can find out about existing routes in the portal or create your own routes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our tour information. In winter, the paths in the forest are often snow-covered and cannot be used for hiking tours. However, two winter hiking trails make the heart of every stroller beat faster -first the walk around the dam and then the Vierenstrasse towards Oberwiesenthal.

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